With Hiebo Mifactori develops and produces Open Source Circular Design solutions for interieur designs, architecture and infrastructure.

Most as custom made work (CM) some of it in our shop to buy.


The design follows the principles of Open Source Hardware and Circular Design intensified to this rules (extracted from the definitions):

(1) Use of Standard parts! By standards we mean really standard parts that everyone can get in his local DIY store, almost everywhere in the world, or order online easily.

(2) Cradle to Cradle/Circular Design design: Everything should be recyclable 100%. Avoid plastics made from oil or use them only when they are in use for a very very long time and no alternative is accessible in an easy way.

(3) Modularity! We care about modularity. All parts should be in a way, that they can also serve as parts for other stuff and can be combined with other parts.

(4) No changing of standard parts and materials – keep the potential of raw parts as high as possible! So we don’t change parts, we do not sew screws to make them shorter for example. Everything that is already modular and reusable is not be changed further.

(5) We like to work with found materials and parts – reuse it. This can make it possible to violate some of the other rules. But only to an extend that is necessary to add the parts to a modular system – we prefer the shortest and less invasive to the material way to achieve that.


So it is all about functional design. The design starts with functionalities and principles we use, not with a form idea for a final product. The aesthetics are born out of the rules above.

Some more concrete rules

  • Grid 3 cm between the holes (following the Heros Grid). Or 4 cm following the Open Structures Grid – when using parts.
  • No glues but screws! – General avoidance of glues.
  • . . . soon more