Some HACKS done by customers, friends and workshop participants with Hiebo One. 

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Hiebo Hack done at the ShareFair 2015 in Berlin by Johannes. You can even lay the brick on the side and have a whole other angle to explore. Pictures by Jenni Ottilie Keppler, CC-BY-SA

HIEBO_Lamp_WOrkshop_ShareFair2015-1     HIEBO_Lamp_WOrkshop_ShareFair2015-5

HIEBO_Lamp_WOrkshop_ShareFair2015-2    HIEBO_Lamp_WOrkshop_ShareFair2015-6


Hiebo Hacks done in 40 mins by industrial design students in Salzburg. Not enough time to come up with something interesting. But some ideas in “Wally” and “Hydra” are good.

Hiebo Hack -Wally- - Nov15 Salzburg 3     Hiebo Hack -Wally- - Nov15 Salzburg 4

Walli (3 lamps) is flexible in hight

Hiebo Hack -Hydra- - Nov15 Salzburg 2      Hiebo Hack -Hydra- - Nov15 Salzburg 3

Hüdra (2 lamps) has two shades and a tool-holder


Hiebo Hack One. By Judith. She did not like the brick and found a way to use the same parts to attach Hiebo to her board.

Judith Hack     Judith Hack 2